Frequently Asked Questions

What is

ETCBets is an online Ethereum Classic casino that was launched by a team of business professionals in May of 2017. Our goal is to provide a safe, entertaining, and community focused site to gamble using Ethereum classic tokens. We hope you enjoy your time on our site and we encourage feedback and suggestions for changes and improvements.

How do I deposit ETC?

Click deposit and you will find a ETC address. Send ETC to this address to have it deposited to your account. You can also make deposits through Instant Crypto Conversion :

How long do deposits take to be credited?

We credit accounts after 10 confirmations, which on average is approximately 15 minutes from the time of the transaction.

What is Happy Hour?

Happy hour is our way of saying 'Thank you' for playing on our site. Happy hour is currently scheduled each day from 6PM-7PM EST during which the house edge is lowered to 0.5% on dice.

Do you support bots?

Yes we do. The popular stand-alone Seuntjie Bot supports BetterBets and all coins/currencies which we support. In addition to this both Parabolic and our Dice game have a built-in bot which can be run on-page.

How does the RainBot work?

Rain (small amounts of ETC) will be distributed in random intervals. Rain will be distributed according to chat activity so in order to receive rain payouts, you must be active in chat. The minimum reward users will receive from rain is 0.0001 ETC.

Can you explain your Dice provably fair system?

The theory is simple, Provably Fair Gaming means you can verify each bet to ensure you always get a fair deal. Modern cryptographic algorithms such as the SHA256 hash algorithm are used to pre-compute the next bet; you can then verify that the bet has not been altered, giving you confidence that the bet result is fair in the sense that it has been determined by a random number generator without interference from our side.

The server picks a random number between 0 and (2^32)-1, adds a salt value (to prevent it from being brute forced) and sends you the outcome which is computed as sha256(randomNuber + "|" + salt). The value thus generated is called the "Server Seed". For each bet, a client seed is added to the server seed in order to calculate the final bet result as (ServerSeed + ClientSeed) % Math.pow(2,32).

This process provides proof that the outcome of each bet has been determined in a fair manner and that it has not been tampered with.

How do I play Parabolic?

Place a bet. Watch the multiplier increase from 1x upwards. Cash out any time to get your bet multiplied by that multiplier. But be cautious because the game can bust at any time, and you'll get zero.

How high can Parabolic go?

There's no real limit really. However, if during a game we ever are facing a net loss of 3% of the bankroll or greater, the server will automatically cash out all players still in the game, forcing them to enjoy an early win and a generous profit. You can see in game what the current max payout.

What is the bonus pot?

1% of each player's wagered amount in every single round goes into the bonus pool, and payout adjusted for wager size every X games ( randomly). 75% of stake pot goes to players who cash out and 25% goes to players who busted.

How is the game bust calculated?

Is Parabolic fair?

Yes. We have generated a chain of 10 million sha256 hashes, starting with a server secret that has been repeatedly fed the output of sha256 back into itself 10 million times. The sha256 of the final in the chain is : c56c9fe892bd23ff6d20da0b505c86db9acecb6a257a2b79b23dfface1d4ea75, by revealing it here we are preventing any ability to pick an alternate sha256 chain. Parabolic will play throughout the chain of hashes, in reverse order, and use the hashes to determine the crash point in a provably fair manner. That is to say, the first game's hash played under the new provably fair scheme, when hashed will be c56c9fe892bd23ff6d20da0b505c86db9acecb6a257a2b79b23dfface1d4ea75.

In addition to the above, in avoid criticism that the server secret was carefully chosen to generate lots of "bad" crash points, each hash in the chain will be salted with a client seed, which we have no control of. The client seed will be the block hash of a Bitcoin block that hasn't yet been mined: block 465525.

See for details.

How can I verify the Parabolic game results?

We have implemented a verifier which you can find at

What happens when the server forces people to cash out?

The most common reason is that the game multiplier has gotten so large that we are risking too much of our bankroll (3% or more). Another feasible reason is unexpected server problems. If more than one person in a game is affected by the forced cash-out, we allocate the last cash-out bonus to a random player.

Can I invest in

Currently, we are not taking open investment. In the future this may change if player demand for a much larger bankroll occurs.

Proof of solvency

ETCBets is fully transparent with its funds. You can check the wallet below:


How do I withdraw ETC?

Click the 'Withdraw' button and you will be able to withdraw your ETC balance to any ETC address you want. We deduct 0.0001 ETC from any withdrawal amount to cover transaction fees. We charge this amount regardless of the actual mining fees attached to the transaction. The minimum withdrawal amount is .01 ETC. Please remember that 0.0001 ETC fee will be deducted, so if you withdraw the minimum amount, you will only receive 0.0099 ETC

How do I secure my account?

Your account is secured by your password; for your own security we encourage not to re-use passwords you have used on other sites. In addition to your password, your account can be further secured by Two-Factor-Authorization.

Where can I find more information about Ethereum Classic?

Do you have a bounty program?

Yes we do. If you find a security related issue that we are not yet aware of and which can be exploited to lead to a loss of funds, please report it to us in private (email is best). In return, we will pay a bounty of 1 BTC for any issue we deem a valid security concern. If we determine that we won't pay you, we will clearly communicate why we believe that we don't need to pay you. Before you think we'll scam you on this and just not pay you, please consider the fact that we are extremely happy (well, maybe not happy, but certainly grateful) for any such issue which is brought to our attention.